If you slept on Mike Shinoda's Fort Minor side-project, you missed out on one of the dopest hip-hop albums of the 2000s. If you didn't, then you know why the possibility of a The Rising Tied follow-up is as exciting as it is.

In an interview with Montreality, Shinoda touched on the possibility of the project, claiming, "There's a distinct possibility that there will be some Fort Minor music in the future. And, whatever that is, you know, when that happens, I don't want it to sound like the last thing... I like to keep things moving."

Mike also expresses a desire to work with Eminem at some point, claiming that its been an idea for quite some time -- before Em was even signed as a matter of fact. "I had a friend that worked at Raukus back in the day," he recalls. "He gave me a cassette tape of The Slim Shady EP. That was before 'Just The Two Of Us,' which I think ended up on his record. That was when they actually used the 'Just The Two Of Us' sample. Then, when the album came out, they couldn't clear the sample, so they did a different beat.

"Em was doing shows at The Roxy for, like, 300 people in LA. Like, coming on stage on drugs and stuff, just falling on to the stage, then he'd just pick up the mic and go crazy."

Check out the full interview below. Also included in the lengthy-talk are behind-the-scenes details of Linkin Park's collaboration tape with Jay Z and Shinoda's thoughts on the current state of hip-hop.