Mike Tyson is one of the biggest legends in the history of boxing, and on Saturday, fans will get to see him come out of retirement as he takes on Roy Jones Jr, in an exhibition match that will be hosted on Triller. There are already some massive restrictions on the fight as it has been revealed that fighters will not be allowed to knock each other out and that if someone so much as gets a cut on their face, well, the fight is immediately declared over. There won't even be any judges on hand to give someone the win.

Today, the fighters all gathered together where they had the official weigh-in for the event. As you can see in the clip below, Jones Jr and Tyson appeared to be in incredible shape as they took their respective weights. In the end, Tyson clocked in at 220 pounds while Jones came in at a respectable 210.

Perhaps the most exciting fight other than the Tyson-Jones bout is the match between Jake Paul and former NBA player Nate Robinson. These two have had a lot of bad blood over the past few months and they are both excited to hit each other around in the ring. Regardless, it's certainly Tyson Vs Jones that we will all be glued to our TVs for.

If you're looking to watch this fight and you don't know how to do so, you can read our guide right here.