Mike Tyson was getting paid back in the day. Though he still is, the boxer's net worth was through the roof in the 90s. Rumor has it he was worth $300M. However, that's not something he necessarily thinks about, as he told VLAD recently. During a recent interview, the legendary boxer, and bud-smoking podcast host opened up about the story Ed Lover once told about Tyson handing him the keys to a Bentley.

Stringer/Getty Images

"I had cars. Money didn't mean nothing to me. It's like you said, if I had $300 million -- well, it's something around $300 million -- so, what would $500 thousand matter?" He explained.

Ed Lover explained that he had previously asked Mike Tyson for a ride to pick up his vehicle from somewhere but Tyson wasn't able to. Lover suggested that Tyson could send one of his friends but the boxer declined. Instead, he offered Lover the keys to his Rolls Royce. Lover explained that he was pretty much sitting with it in his old neighborhood as it was parked on the street. Apparently, Mike's manager later called back to pick up the car but Mike Tyson told Lover 15 years later that he actually gave him the car to keep.

"I just had a lot of money back then. I had more money than anyone in our community had. Even the entertainers, I had more money than now. So, I never had money before it's what you do when you never had money. You buy a lot of goodies for you and your friends that never had money," Tyson said.

Check the clip out below.