Mike Tyson is currently shopping a TV show to major networks that is about weed and has the (lacklustre or genius, depending on your view) title: Rolling With The Punches. 

Going along with a growing trend in entertainment towards blending fiction and non-fiction until they're impossible to distinguish, Mike Tyson will be playing himself in the scripted show that will be structured sort of like Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, although presumably without the anxious New York humour. Tyson says:

It’s simple. I’m playing a retired boxer who is growing marijuana. It’s basically me acting like me, so people can get a look at what my life could be like in different scenarios.

The show is also a cross-branding opportunity for Tyson, who is doing product placement for his own ranch, which will be the setting of the show. Tyson Ranch, a 40 acre plot of land that Tyson is developing near Death Valley to be a grow-op, will also have a school teaching people how to grow weed, an edible factory, a pot-farmer's supply store and what Variety describes as "cabins and “glamping” campgrounds for stoner tourists.

The show is the most recent step in a trend towards a more relaxed attitude to marijuana exemplified by the fact that it has become legal in Canada. Tyson described this new attitude well: "I smoke it all day, every day."