Mike Tyson is one of the best fighters to ever do it and he has no problem giving his unfiltered opinion on the fighting world. Over the past few months, Tyson has actually been a huge champion of the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan. After Jake knocked out Nate Robinson right before Tyson's comeback fight, Iron Mike has found an appreciation for the social media star and he believes Jake has a lot to offer in terms of fighting. 

Despite this, Tyson was recently asked about Logan and Jake's chances should both of them get a shot at fighting Floyd Mayweather. As Tyson told the TMZ cameraman, Jake and Logan would get absolutely decimated by Floyd although he is still a big fan of what they are doing.

This past week, Jake got himself into some controversy after he straight up stole Mayweather's hat during the press conference to promote the fight with Logan. Mayweather absolutely popped off and his security hit Jake with a clean shot to the eye. It wasn't a good look for anyone involved although it has drummed up quite a bit of hype for the fight.

With Logan and Floyd fighting on June 6th, we are certainly in for a ton of drama. Let us know your predictions for the fight, in the comments below.

Jake Paul x Floyd Mayweather

Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images