Mike Tyson is one of the biggest names in boxing history and while he has been gone from the sport from quite some time, that hasn't stopped him from getting back into the game and exciting fans in the process. Tyson was known for being a knockout artist during his time and his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr is surely going to have some wondering whether or not he can reproduce some of the magic from his illustrious career.

Today, Joe Rogan released a brand new episode of his podcast which features the likes of Tyson. In the episode, the two spoke about a plethora of topics, including Tyson's decision to step back in the ring. As Tyson explains in the video below, he decided to come back because he could feel himself gaining weight and he was discouraged when trying on new clothes. As he started to work out again, he felt rejuvenated and felt like it was time to get his conditioning in order.

Tyson also admitted that it wasn't the easiest process as the first few workouts knocked the wind out of him and left him in bed for quite some time. However, Tyson was committed to getting back on track and that's exactly what he did, much to the amazement of Rogan.

Tyson and Jones Jr. will be fighting each other in November, which is sure to be an exciting bout.