A couple of weeks have gone by and still, the world is reeling about Jake Paul actually being a good boxer. His career in the sport is still young, but his undefeated record, as well as his vicious knockout of Nate Robinson, speaks volumes to boxing fans.

The YouTuber stepped onto the big stage and delivered, which has won him praise from some of the biggest names in the sport, including Mike Tyson. His antics are distracting, but he can actually pack a punch.

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For the third day of our 12 Days Of Christmas interview series, we spoke to Jake Paul, who revealed to us that Mike Tyson went so far as to tell him that he's resurrecting a dead sport.

When interviewer Alex Cole asked about the newfound respect that he's been getting from boxing greats, Jake Paul said: "It's awesome. It's an honor. It's an honor to be welcomed into the boxing community by some people. I think some people still are skeptical about it."

It's easy to be skeptical about it, especially given his approach to trash-talking. However, when people like Mike Tyson are saying that he's bringing back a dead sport, the audience has no choice but to pay attention.

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"But you saw Mike Tyson in his post-fight interview, he said YouTube boxing is helping to save a dead sport and I couldn't agree more," added Paul. "We have this young audience who otherwise wasn't interested in boxing, and these are millions and millions of people. And, you know, we're paving a way, and helping them, we're just adding to the sport. There are people that think we're taking away from the sport, but we're not, we're adding to it. I'm sparring professionals in Las Vegas, the boxing capital of the world, you know, so some people are just haters at this point, and they're going to see that we’ll continue to rise. So their opinion doesn't f*cking matter, which is the beauty of it. Like, guess what, guys? Guess what, people are accepting me and you're not going to be the one to stop me from coming in. Like, if anything, you're just adding fuel to my fire because you're talking about me."

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