For weeks now, there have been rumblings that Mike Tyson wanted to make a comeback in the world of boxing. The 54-year-old is one of the most infamous heavyweight champions of his era and was known for some pretty insane and brutal knockouts. Of course, Tyson has emersed himself in various other ventures over the last little while but now he has been training extremely hard and is hoping to get in some bouts to help make a comeback while also get the fans engaged.

According to TMZ, Tyson's first every comeback fight will take place on September 12th and will feature eight rounds against Roy Jones Jr. This fight will be made watchable through pay-per-view as well as Triller, which is a company that is hoping to take over the TikTok space.

If you're hoping for a large slate of entertainment, you are in luck. There is going to be an undercard for the fight, as well as some musical performances that will surely get people eager to tune in. Not to mention, there will be a documentary series that airs before the fight, which will show off Tyson and Jones training for their battle.

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