Mike Tyson came out of retirement on Saturday for a boxing match that captured the eyes of millions of sports fans. Of course, Tyson is one of the most legendary boxers of all-time, and with his electric personality, you never know what may happen as soon as he steps out into that ring. In the end, Tyson got to fight against Roy Jones Jr. with the judges deciding the fight to be a tie. For many fans, it was clear that Tyson actually won although a tie makes sense when you consider how the promoters are probably already planning a rematch.

mike tyson roy jones jr fight

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As for his earnings from the fight, it's clear that Tyson and Jones Jr. are being well compensated. According to Jed Goodman on Twitter, Tyson and Jones are both making $1 million just for showing up. However, they could make a lot more than what's being reported although based on disclosed wages, Tyson just picked up a seven-figure payday.

Perhaps the most bizarre development here is that Jake Paul and Nate Robinson only made $600 for their fight. Some said this was simply a typo and that they made $600K although Goodman notes that Paul and Robinson are primarily being paid in PPV revenue, which means their earnings will ultimately be much higher.

Needless to say, this was successful even for all parties involved, even if Robinson only got $600 to get knocked out. Check out some of the celeb reactions to the night's events below.

mike tyson roy jones jr triller fight

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