A few days back, Three 6 Mafia's first and only lady Gangsta Boo had a few grievances to air out. And while the Memphis rapper didn't exactly name names, it's clear that she's been feeling some type of way about people attempting to capitalize off the foundation Three 6 built. "STOP STEALING OLD 3 6 MAFIA SONGS!!!!," wrote Gangsta Boo. "COME UP WITH YOUR OWN MUSIC YOU STUPID ASS CLOWNS." On Christmas Eve, Mike WiLL Made-It decided to make sure it wasn't aimed at him, over a Three 6 "re-do" he cooked up prior.

"Damn we just redid one haaaard af ! But we also come with our own songs , and far from clowns , so I won’t assume u talking to us," wrote Mike WiLL, defensive yet respectful. "Only homage being paid from our side, which is only a good thing I thought. juice n paul fuckn w it tho so we’ll take that a pass." 

Gangsta Book quickly cleared the air with Mike WiLL, assuring him that she wasn't targeting him in her recent rant: "So funny. My little post got big dawgs like you in my mentions but thank you for coming correct and not assuming cause u wasnt on my mind as I was making MY post. I been fucking with ur shit for years and tweeting u with no reply from you until now. Merry Christmas tho."

Mike WiLL confirmed that it was all love between the two parties, and that he was simply replying to make sure there was no ill will. It does. however, beg the question of who these "clowns" might be. Check out the entire exchange below: