When it comes to the modern-day hip-hop production landscape, few can deliver quality on a consistent basis like Mike WiLL Made-It. Known and respected for his versatility -- he's as comfortable lacing bangers as he is tackling more melodic cuts -- Mike WiLL has assembled no shortage of collaborators throughout the years. Yet as he recently explained in a Twitter thread, he's occasionally had a difficult time expanding his network, blaming his own ability to follow through with sending beats. 

Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

"I’m the worst beat sender there is , and a lot of relationships were damaged because of it because some took it personal like I wasn’t sending them beats," reveals Mike WiLL. "But my greatest success came from being there in the studio playing game-changing beats to lift the vibe...It’s hard being a producer, CEO of a production company with 10 producers signed , CEO of a record label (creatively in tuned ) a real estate investor , high as hell , and still able to hit the target EVERYTIME sending the beats..."

"I’m fye , but I’m still human... If u ever took it like I was on some funny shxt cause I didn’t send beats , forgive me , and know if I was on funny shxt I would of straight said “I’m good bro , keep banging.. “ I don’t play no games but 2k," he continues, offering an apology of sorts to anyone who ever felt slighted by his perceived ghosting. "Can’t wait to lock in 3 days with ANY artist coming from THE SOUL , not this cap ass fairy tale trying to fit in bullshxt... a REAL artist speaking their TRUTHS , or setting a new trend , or an artist that’s already fye just looking for where to take it next..." 

From the sound of it, Mike WiLL prefers the experience of working directly alongside an artist, rather than the more detached (but admittedly practival) method of collaboration. Unsurprising, given how many classics were ultimately made directly in the booth. It's unclear what spurred Mike WiLL to speak on this topic, but we can only hope that he's actively preparing to lock in and do what he does best. Check out his extensive explanation below, and sound off if you're excited to see what the producer cooks up next.