What's your first thought when you hear the doorbell ring or if somebody knocks on the front door? Did you forget about a delivery? Are you curious enough to peek out the window to see who's at the door? Or are you doing all that you can to hide? These days, people are more afraid of answering the doorbell than ever. Regardless of the reasoning, a hilarious Twitter thread explains exactly why Generation Y is so afraid of answering the door for unexpected guests.

A tweet has gone viral in the last week asking for explanations as to why millennials are "killing the doorbell industry" by text messaging "here." In a matter of days, people have connected strongly to the post, liking it nearly 600K times. The responses are quite telling and, for the most part, they make complete sense. If the doorbell rings, there's a good chance that you have no idea who the person on the other end of the door is. One commenter pointed that out by comparing the doorbell to a phone scam. "Ringing a doorbell is like a voice call at this point; it's either an elderly relative or some kind of scam," they wrote. 

Personally, I agree with a lot of these tweets. Texting "here" is just way more convenient and also, it doesn't set off an anxiety trigger. Are you scared of the doorbell?