Millie Bobby Brown made history when TIME included her in their yearly 100 Most Influential list. At 14-years-old, she is the youngest person to even be included on the list. She graced the event in a beautiful long white gown that was embroidered with multi color flowers. Brown soaked up every moment on the red carpet, smiling and waving like the superstar she is. It is almost hard to believe that she plays Eleven in Netflix's Stranger Things, and it's a true testament to her acting skills. 

While on the red carpet, Brown was interviewed by TIME reporter Charlotte Alter. "Millie, who are you most excited to see here tonight?," she asked. With a smile that displays her true fandom of the "Be Careful" rapper, Brown answered, “I’m most excited to see Cardi B." After a short pause Alter asked, “What if I told you Cardi B isn’t here tonight?” The shock on Brown's face is evident and genuine at that moment. “Is she not?," the Stranger Things star asked in shock. 

“Why not?” Why didn’t she come? Give me—oh wait—she is pregnant," realizes Brown before she began to question why the person she most wanted to see was not in the building. "She is pregnant. I’ll give her that, but that’s it. Next time, she better be here. She better turn up.”

Cardi B, Eleven has summoned you.