Millie Bobby Brown's Stranger Things character Eleven proves that she knows how to act like a superhero and her first major acting gig has surely had other such universes eye her for similar acting opportunities. For some time, people have suspected that the 15-year-old would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Eternals film, but during a recent Instagram Live session Millie let it be known that it's not happening...for now. 

“Everybody thinks I’m going to be in a Marvel movie,” she explained. “Not that I know of. My family and I have no idea. So I just want to let everyone know…that I’m not, as of right now.”

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Millie recently chatted with Refinery29 and spoke of her interest in pursuing other genres of films outside of the mythical, fantasy, creature type of films and television shows she's known for. "I haven't been part of a romance. I obviously have a romantic interest in Stranger Things, but not like an actual romantic movie," she said. "I haven't ever done a comedy. [I want to try] things like that." 

When asked about doing musicals, Millie responded: "Absolutely. I haven't touched that either, but I'd love to. I love singing, so that would be my ultimate pride and joy."