Millie Bobby Brown is enjoying the success of Stranger Things, and now, she's been named to Time's most influential list. Her presence makes her the youngest person to ever be featured on the prestigious list at 14 years old. In usual tradition, Time allowed a celebrity to write about Brown. Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul spoke of Brown in the highest regards. 

"The first time I met Millie Bobby Brown was inside an ice cream shop," Paul wrote. "My wife and I had superfanned her, like most of the public did when they first saw her onscreen in Stranger Things. We asked if she wanted to meet up, and she said yes. We screamed. We picked a little ice cream shop in New York City, and then, suddenly, we were all together."

He continues on to write about how he felt as if Brown was an old soul, and that he felt like taking her to an ice cream shop may have been the wrong setting. If you watch Brown in Stranger Things, that should come as no surprise to you. Unless she decides to back out of the game on her own accord, Brown will be gracing screens for a very long time.