We've seen a lot of movement in the wake of George Floyd's death. Protests have been sweeping, not only the United States, but Canada and Europe as well, in a show of support. We did see Derek Chauvin, the police officer who killed George Floyd, arrested rather quickly after the video of Floyd went viral. Now, the Minnesota Department of Human Rights is making another move, and charging the Minneapolis Police Department with civil rights charge.

Minnesota will launch an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department, stemming from the death of George Floyd, Gov. Tim Walz announced on Tuesday. The investigation will be lead by Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero, and will look into 10 years of police procedures and policies, to "determine if the MPD has engaged in systemic discriminatory practices towards people of color and ensure any such practices are stopped."

minneapolis police department civil rights charge

Minneapolis protests gather in support of George Floyd, taking over the highway - Scott Olson/Getty Images

Walz said, "We are going to establish peace on the streets when we address the systemic issues." Walz said they are also seeking to make an agreement with the city's police, in order to enact some more immediate measures that would address systemic racism.

Lucero said, "George Floyd should be alive. He deserved to live a life full of dignity and joy. Community leaders have been asking for structural change for decades. They have fought for this and it is essential that we acknowledge the work and commitment of those who have paved the path to make today’s announcement possible."

This is the first time the Human Rights Department has ever launched a systemic investigation into the largest police department in MN, Walz said. 

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