Country singer Miranda Lambert says she was involved in a hit-and-run incident during an otherwise "amazing" road trip with her husband Brendan McLoughlin. The two were traveling through Georgia on the way back to their home in Tennessee when they were side-swiped by an “erratic” driver.

Miranda Lambert
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Lambert explained the situation in a series of tweets: 

Unfortunately on the way home going through ATL, an a–hole in a small car w/ temp plates was driving erratically & tried to squeeze between us & a semi truck going 70 on I-20W. It hit the airstream & sent us into the left lane.

We fishtailed pretty good but got on the shoulder as quickly as possible to assess the damage. Nobody was hurt thank the good Lord. But nobody stopped either and the car sped away. (Cool Bro) We are so thankful that nothing worse happened.

She also added a video displaying the damage to their vehicle but says it was still drivable so after filing a report, they continued home.

"Anyway, overall it was an amazing trip and we learned we have a lot to see and a lot to be grateful for," she concluded.

Lambert was previously married to The Voice judge Blake Shelton.