It never fails that Drink Champs bring out the hidden secrets of the music industry as guests share stories that aren't regularly told to the public. We previously reported on radio icon Miss Jones appearing on Drink Champs where she suggested that she may have had a threesome with Tupac Shakur and Monie Love, but elsewhere during the conversation, Jones revealed that she allegedly almost caught a beatdown by Beyoncé's mother, Tina Lawson.

"Beyoncé's mom, she wanted to fight me, a child. No, I'm not a child," said Jones. Noreaga clarified that she was talking about Lawson, and Jones confirmed. The hosts couldn't believe it because Lawson doesn't seem like the type of woman setting fires behind the scenes. 

Jones admitted that they used to do parodies and the like. "One day, Beyoncé was coming up to the station but Ebro and them didn't tell me because they knew that I would either try and like...I was unpredictable." N.O.R.E. interrupted to remind Miss Jones that "at one point" she said Mary J. Blige couldn't sing.

"A lot of times she can't," answered Jones. "I love her on Power, but it doesn't—nowadays you don't have to be able to sing. And that's what I learned. It's not about singing, it's about emotion." Her comments come on the heels of Trick Daddy sharing his opinions regarding Beyoncé's vocals when the rapper stated that the Houston native wasn't a good singer.

If you haven't already, you can check out Miss Jones and her lengthy interview with Drink Champs below.