15 bricks of cocaine that were discovered in Biloxi, Mississippi this past weekend have led to the arrest of a 37-year-old local, WLOX reports.

Joey Ware has been charged with aggravated drug trafficking after police conducted a consensual search and found narcotics divided up for sale in his possession, noting that the cocaine he was preparing to sell seemingly came from the larger collection that had begun popping up around the city over the past few days.

Several people reported suspicious packages appearing in Biloxi at both Deer Island and Schooner Pier, with local Police Captain Tommy Goldsworthy confirming that approximately eight of them were found by volunteers during a beach cleanup.

"Keesler has a lot of volunteers that come out and maintain that area of the beach, and while they were doing so they noticed a package in the water and while they were doing so they noticed several more," he informed the media.

Upon conducting a field test, the Biloxi Police Department was able to declare the substance as cocaine. Once more bricks were uncovered near Deer Island, the Department of Marine Resources got involved.

"There was likely to be a larger amount of drugs that either fell off a vessel or they were intentionally dropped off to be picked up by someone else or another group of individuals," Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director Steven Maxwell shared, adding that the packages found have a "Dior" label on them.

At this time, police are under the impression that Ware discovered one of the bricks, and kept it without reporting with the intention to sell, hence his charges.

"Instead of calling us like everybody should be doing, he tried to use it for his own gains. Officers were notified of this information and he was arrested," Goldsworthy said.

Maxwell added, "The Biloxi Police Department, Homeland Security Investigations, Customs Border Patrol, DEA, and the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. This investigation is ongoing among all those agencies to include the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics."

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