The latest leg of Ciara's career revolves around inspiring her fans to reach new heights for themselves. Her motivational message has most recently been shared through the music video for her single "Level Up." Now, other celebrities are joining CiCi in her pursuit of the good life. Many have filmed clips of themselves sharing the ways in which they plan to create more purpose and meaning for themselves.

Ciara posted a couple of these clips to Instagram. The first features Serena Williams who encourages self-love by saying she plans to "be good to myself". Janelle Monae says her plans involve being "more in the present."

Others seem attracted to this kind of mindfulness too. Lala speaks of meditation and Kelly Rowland mentions gratitude.

The second clip features Missy Elliot who looks as good as ever. The icon seems humble as she describes her desire to surround herself with people who "are way more creative" than she is. The clip also includes Chris Pratt talking fitness and Jennifer Hudson setting her aims on an attitude shift by "never allowing other people's ugly to mess up my beautiful"

Fans can check out more #LevelUp content through the TraceMe app where Ciara intends to share her most intimate behind-the-scenes content.