Throughout the history of basketball, numerous players have suffered gruesome injuries while trying to land on their feet. When you end up in an awkward position, it could lead to a severe outcome, and that is what happened on Sunday night as Devin Cannady of the Orlando Magic suffered a compound fracture of his ankle. 

The injury was extremely gruesome as you could clearly see blood pooling out of the player's leg. He was grimacing in pain and many of his teammates seemed to be disgusted by the sight. One teammate stepped up to protect Cannady, however, as Mo Bamba immediately took his jersey off and covered the injury so his teammate didn't have to see it.

“I just saw my teammate was down, and I just did what he would probably do for me. I just thought quick and I didn’t want him to see (the injury). I just took my shirt off my back and gave it to him," Bamba said.

Bamba was immediately praised for his actions as many felt like it was the most respectful gesture they've seen from a player in a long time. As Bamba noted, he did the first thing that came to his mind, and in the end, it was well-appreciated.

AS fo Cannady, he will have to undergo surgery and we wish him all the best in his recovery.