Mo3, a well-known Dallas rapper, was shot and killed after allegedly being stalked and chased last week. The rapper was leaving a friend's house when he reportedly noticed that somebody was following him, hopping on a call with his manager. When he tried to deke out the vehicle tailing him by heading onto the freeway, Mo3 reportedly crashed the car and ran away on foot. The person following him got out of his own car, chased after him, and allegedly gunned him down.

Nobody has been arrested in connection to his killing, but we may be inching closer to finding out the identity of the man responsible for Mo3's death.

New pictures have been released showing the masked person who allegedly chased down Mo3 through traffic, showing him carrying a gun in his hands. The photos were taken from surveillance footage as authorities seek to find answers in Mo3's death. 

The Dallas Police Department released the photos, claiming that the suspect was seen driving away in a 2014 or 2015 black Chevrolet Camaro.

Anyone with information about this person's identity is being asked to contact the Dallas Police Homicide Unit.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

At a vigil for Mo3 in his hometown, another incident happened, which resulted in Boosie Badazz being shot in the leg, requiring two surgeries. He has since left the hospital and is recovering.

Rest in peace, Mo3.