Hooked on The Look introduces audiences to a woman from Manchester who has a particular sense of style. Cindy Moore's preferences extend past her fashion choices to her fondness of plastic surgery. Thanks to her obsession with a particular aesthetic, she has succeeded in giving herself the appearance of a life-sized sex doll.

Moore explains that her current appearance wasn't exactly premeditated.

"The sex doll look is like big lips and big boobs. I don't know if it was what I was aiming for at first. People just say I have that look."

Her mom approves of at least part of her choices.

"My mum says I have a sexy face so...If your mum says that...you're mum doesn't lie."

After the short introduction, Mandy shows off some of her assets as she bends over her drawers to pull out some of her kinkiest outfits, including a pink "best handjob in town" t-shirt.

Moore, a mother of two, is also a businesswoman. She has her own clothing line called Bad Doll as well as a store called Diamond Boutique. Cindy more is enjoying her "new lease of life" after having lost a considerable amount of weight. Her Instagram selfies are infused with a deeper meaning.