Money Man is one of the underground heroes of the hip-hop community, hustling hard for the last decade and releasing dozens of projects. The street general has experienced mainstream success on a few different occasions, most recently with his hit record "24" with Lil Baby. The Epidemic rapper is based in a few different areas around the country, but he's got a couple of homes set up in Texas, where there's currently a pretty serious winter storm

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

We've been following the situation surrounding Texas senator Ted Cruz, who left during a state of emergency to fly with his daughters to Cancun, Mexico on vacation, also reportedly abandoning his dog at his home in freezing temperatures. Water is being restored in certain neighborhoods but action isn't being taken quickly enough. Texans have taken to the internet with photos of their wrecked homes with burst pipes, broken windows, and more damages. Money Man, who has a few cribs in the state, was also affected by the storm, showing pictures of his home in terrible condition.

"I came bac to one of my spots the whole sh*t flooded and it’s holes all in da ceilings," wrote the rapper on Twitter, posting pictures of his ceilings and walls broken open with insulation all over the place. Thankfully, Money Man says he has another house down the street, which was unaffected. "Went right up da street to this tho no pressure," he said in another tweet, posting a video of himself with his feet kicked up on the coffee table.

While Money Man is luckier than most in the sense that he has another nearby home to stay in, it's still a pain in the neck for him to organize repairs and get his other spot looking right again. Still, that's better than some Texans, who have essentially been freezing in their homes without access to heat or electricity in days.