Memphis rapper MoneyBagg Yo really loves his codeine. The "Wockesha" artist has an entire hit song about his love for lean, disguising his lyrics cleverly and singing about a purple-haired lady who keeps him feeling nice at all times of the day. So when NLE Choppa came forward and challenged the rapper to quit drinking lean by matching every bottle he drinks with a pint of chlorophyll, many believed that MoneyBagg Yo would laugh in Choppa's face. However, his response was quite the contrary.

Seemingly accepting the challenge and preparing to lead a healthier lifestyle, MoneyBagg Yo responded to NLE Choppa's tweet with a handshake emoji. From the looks of it, he's open to receiving some hand-delivered health and wellness recipes from the rapper to help change his life. Maybe on the next album, we'll get a record entirely about Bagg's love of chlorophyll.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

NLE Choppa has been changing his life for the better over the last few years. Despite him breaking onto the scene with violent raps, he swore away from that type of content and promised to empower his audience by leading them to the light. He proceeded to launch a new website where he sells items that contain serious health benefits, like chlorophyll, to help his fans live longer and more fulfilled lives.

He wants to help rappers quit drinking lean and it looks like he's starting with MoneyBagg Yo. We'll keep you posted on his progress as he uploads updates.