They may be going to the same place, but that doesn't mean there's enough room in one private jet for the both of them. Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcherregularly face rumors that they've broken up or face headlines that they're going through a rough patch, but the couple always soon resurfaces to show that there's no trouble in paradise. The pair doesn't shy away from flexing their bank accounts as they show off luxury vehicles and flashy jewelry, and Ari revealed on her Instagram Story that when they travel, they take separate private jets.

Some suspect that the couple decided to spend the extra cash because of the amount of luggage they're each taking on the trip, as it may be too much weight for one plane. Not only do they have "his" and "hers" PJs, but it also looks as if the pair make sure to have Popeyes delivered to the tarmac. Moneybagg was all smiles in a video Ari shared of him riding in the car, leaving the gossip about a split behind them.

Recently, Ari vented on Twitter about some emotional struggles, leaving many of her followers to believe she was having issues in her relationship. She also seemed to joke that Moneybagg was "single," but in the end, the rapper and his model girlfriend are doing just fine. Check out the images and videos below.