Every other month, it feels like MoneyBagg Yo and Ari Fletcher get close to breaking up before one of them buys the other a lavish gift, resetting them back to square one. That appears to have happened again with Bagg and Ari both making cryptic posts online, causing fans to think there's trouble in paradise.

Once again, pop culture fanatics are left wondering about the status of MoneyBagg Yo's relationship with Ari. The two lovebirds are seemingly on a rocky road after sharing cryptic posts, which many believe could be about each other.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

"Never love someone so much that you ignore the truth about them," wrote Ari on Instagram. "I always gotta pick up the pieces after somebody do me wrong," she continued on Twitter. "That shit is not fair."

"Da crazy part bout shit if mfs dat talk to u everyday will get on a app and express how they feel before they deal wit it in real life," wrote MoneyBagg Yo on Twitter before deleting the post. Many believe that he was responding directly to Ari.

This couple has always been quick to take things to social media and while it hasn't been confirmed that they're having issues, their fans have reason to believe that their tweets are about one another. Hopefully, everything is okay and they can continue on being one of hip-hop's favorite partnerships.