Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher’s relationship has certainly had a rocky and confusing history. The two seem to be constantly on-again-off-again, but, if you weren't keeping tabs, they were definitely “on” for Valentine’s Day this year.

29-year-old Moneybagg Yo went all-out for girlfriend Ari Fletcher’s gift, adorning her entire apartment with roses, candles, and other Valentine's Day-themed balloons and decorations. 

Ari took to her Instagram to show off the extravagant display of affection, posting a slideshow of photos and videos alongside the caption, “I love you everyday (heart emoji).” Moneybagg had a heart-shaped cake made that read, “I LUV U ARI,” and even had her name spelled out in candles and roses across her kitchen counter. Balloons flooded her apartment, and a trail of rose petals lead to a bathtub with an “I Heart You” message above it. Who knew Moneybagg could be so romantic? 

Recently, the celebrity couple revealed that they fly in separate private jets when traveling together, which some speculated was because of the sheer amount of luggage the two carry. Either way, the couple’s constant display of their wealth shows that they are no strangers to being extra during a holiday. 

If you missed it, this weekend we highlighted some classic hip-hop and r'n'b jams from the '90s and '00s for the Valentine's Day festivities -- but they're worth revisiting year-round.