It looks as if Celina Powell is launching herself into the weekend with drama. She's built her brand off of airing out her alleged escapades with rappers and entertainers, and although she's been caught fibbing, the public continues to eat up her groupie tales. In the past, Powell has claimed that she's carried on an affair with Snoop Dogg and even said she was once pregnant by Offset, but this time, she targeted Moneybagg Yo.

On TikTok, there's a trend going around where a person says something shady about their friend before passing the phone to that person. In Celina's case, she was with Chief Keef baby mama, Slim Danger, and they went back and forth about the men in the industry that they say they've been with. "I'm passing the phone to somebody still f*ckin' Moneybagg Yo," said Slim, before she turned things over to Powell, suggesting that Celina was having sex with the rapper.

Soon, the clip went viral and people began discussing the Moneybagg potentially cheating on his longtime girlfriend Ari Fletcher. He didn't want his name involved in any "entanglement," so he addressed the rumors in a tweet that he quickly deleted. "Fake news spread 10x faster then real news," said Moneybagg. "Mane y these nothing ass bItches lien on me tryna get clout smh I ain't know hoes a really lie on dey p*ssy , Sad anybody can just go up wit a lie and it go viral sh*t ain't cool it's too much real sh*t goin on for dat Capp sh*t !"

The Memphis rapper recently spoke about his relationship with Fletcher and explained why they fit. "It's going on almost two years in October," he said. "She understands everything, she's like my homie at the same time. She's like my friend at the same time. It's love." Swipe below to read Moneybagg Yo's tweet and to watch Celina's video.