Moneybagg Yo's music is certainly rooted in the streets that shaped who he is today but the reach he has is going far beyond Memphis, the South, or even the realm of hip-hop. It seems his profile is continuing to blow up these days on account of his latest string of singles, high-profile relationships, and his success as both a musician and entrepreneur.

The rapper was at the center of viral memes this week after Joe Biden signed off on the third round of stimulus checks. Joe Biden was briefly nicknamed Moneybagg Joe as gifs and memes of both the rapper and the president made rounds on the Internet. Some went as far as using the reface app to put Biden's face on Moneybagg Yo's head which was truly a frightening sight to see. What might even be worse is the photoshop job of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' face plastered over Moneybagg Yo's and Ari's.

With an album recently wrapped up, this was certainly the type of publicity that would bring the right type of awareness to his follow-up to Time Served. On Friday, the rapper reflected on the memes making their way onto MSNBC with Ari Melber who surprisingly hasn't had Moneybagg on his show yet. Ari broke down the situation regarding Joe Biden and the memes while Moneybagg was simply floored that it made its way to national television. 

"National News Manne Wtf," he captioned the post. "Shit done got outta hand."

It was only a few months ago when Sasha Obama was vibing out to City Girls' verse on "Said Sum (Remix)." Clearly, Moneybagg's impact is reaching far beyond the world of hip-hop and music. 

Check out his post below,