Moneybagg Yo might be commanding up to $200,000 to perform but that doesn't mean his show is going to necessarily blow you away. The Memphis rapper has been keeping fans updated as he continues to raise his price following the #1 debut of his latest album A Gangsta's Pain. The ever-consistent rapper has had a hold on the game for years and he more than deserves to get paid generously for his appearances. However, after a disgruntled fan shared a video of one of his recent shows, she requested a refund, saying that she would have preferred to stay home.

"So I went to Moneybagg Yo's concert. It was boring and dry af," said the fan in a TikTok video, which eventually caught the attention of the rapper himself. "He only stayed for like 15 minutes. I want a refund." Despite the fan wanting their money back, they still gave Bagg a rating of 5/10 for his performance.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

It didn't take long for the viral video to get to the certified speaker's desk, prompting him to respond with an explanation as to why he wasn't going as hard as he normally would. "I had 4 other shows dat same day," he claimed. "Do u think I give af?! Tell em post da others ones."

Moneybagg Yo isn't the only well-known rapper that performed a less-than-lively show over the weekend. On social media, people have been calling out Quando Rondo for pulling a crowd of only fifty people at his recent performance. You can read more about that here