MoneyBagg Yo seemingly isn't worried about the video of his girlfriend Ari Fletcher dancing with another man at the club. This week, a video went viral of Ari twerking on another man during a club appearance, and fans theorized that she was done with her rapper boyfriend after they both sent out cryptic tweets the week prior. However, according to Ari, she was dancing with her friend Greg, a gay man, and they were just playing around.

Despite her explanation, people have still been wondering about the status of Ari's relationship with MoneyBagg Yo. The world may be questioning their bond, but the two people involved sure aren't. Seemingly responding to the situation with a post-and-delete, Bagg told fans that he's the furthest thing from insecure after watching the video.

"Never been insecure dets wats wrong wit u lame ass n***a now, stay focus," wrote Bagg on Twitter. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

Ari explained the video, saying, "That's Greg I was dancing on. I treat my gay male friends just how I treat my female friends. I would never disrespect my relationship or purposely try to embarrass my n***a. We just be playing around, I'm done giving y'all certain energy cause I see all jokes ain't funny."

Do you think it was disrespectful for Ari to be dancing like this with another man? Swipe below to see the video.