Moniece Slaughter is no longer talking about her baby daddy Lil Fizz and his coupling with Apryl Jones as she's now onto more personal updates of her dating life and what she wants in a new partner. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star shared a PSA to her Instagram feed on how she's looking for a wife since she's over this whole "celibacy" thing. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

"Look I'm tired of getting this celibacy and self work I'm lonely. I need a wife mmmk," she wrote, before going into detail on some sexual moves she wants to make with another woman. "You get the point. Lord bless me with a pretty stud w/ a juicy booty soon. Amen."

Moniece once opened up to VladTV about her sexuality and how after she dated Lil Fizz she felt like she didn't want to date men anymore. Moniece dated a woman for seven months after her time with Lil Fizz and said things were going well until the relationship got deeper and she realized it wasn't for her. "If I want to be poked and prodded and entered into I'll be with a man, this doesn't feel right," she said of her relationship with the woman. 

However, Moniece has seemingly changed her mind and is looking to date a lady once again.