In pretty much all social circles globally, cheating is heavily frowned upon as an act of deceit. People are routinely punished and shamed for renouncing established rules in order to gain leverage in any given situation. However, Monopoly is looking to end the strife and stigma attached to dishonesty with the newly updated version of their classic board game. 

According to Insider, Hasbro, the company behind Monopoly, is readying a cheaters edition of the game for those who revel in deceit. 

The cheaters edition follows the basic premise of the original board game, except the longstanding regulations are now encouraged to be broken. In addition to the community chest and chance cards, this special edition will also include 15 "cheat cards." At any point during the game, five of these cards can be placed in the middle of the board, which will encourage players to cheat in various ways. This will include collecting rent on another player's property, as well as stealing money from the bank.

Jonathan Berkowitz, the senior vice president of Hasbro Games, admits that "for the first time in Monopoly history, there is no designated Banker." Berkowitz reveals how "players are in control of the Bank on their turn, and pass it to the next player when their turn is over, making it easier to pull [off] ‘cheats.’"

Players who are able to pull off an act of deceit will be rewarded, while those who are caught cheating will be effectively penalized. One of the penalties includes going to jail, which will now require the deceptive player to wear a pair of plastic handcuffs. 

Similar to the original game, a player will be crowned victorious by collecting the most money. The game is set to hit shelves this fall.