Like we did last year, we'll be rolling out a slew of year-end lists to round up everything that went down in rap and r'n'b in easy-to-digest list-form. We like to kick things off with the Most Searched Artists on our site of 2014, because that will give people a good gauge of who was popping on HNHH specifically in the last year.

Basically, this list well let you know who were the most popular artists on our site in 2014. We gathered the data for this, not only through our homepage search bar, but from other sources like Google searches which lead to HNHH, Facebook, twitter, etc-- basically anywhere you might search or click on a particular artist name; we grabbed all that data and totalled it into one big number. This is the tip of iceberg, as there will be a lot more #HOTNEW14 content coming, from the Hottest Songs of 2014, to Hottest Albums, to Hottest Beats. Get ready to debate in the comment section, throw the HNHH editors under the bus for not picking your favorites, and all that fun stuff.

First, take a look as we count down which artists were searched the most on HNHH in the past year. This not only lets you know who our users are fucking with the most (and possibly trolling the most too), but gives you an idea of who really broke out and a huge year.