Recently, a video of an infant smoking what appeared to be a blunt went viral over social media. The perpetrator of the heinous act was the child's mother, and has been the subject of a search warrant after some concerned citizens took to local authorities in state of bewilderment. 

Police have found Brianna Ashanti Lofton, who has admitted to her questionable parenting skills. The issued warrant will allow investigators to photograph her Raleigh apartment, the site of where her unlawful behaviour occurred. 

As a result, Lofton is being charged with child abuse, marijuana possession, as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her lawyers have refused to comment on the situation.

The video, which has received millions of views on Twitter and other forms of social media, depicts an adult's hand holding the blunt to the child's lips. The infant appears to take a drag from it, then proceeds to exhale a cloud of smoke.

In a day and age when very little stays private when shared on social media, it is baffling that a woman who videotaped her infant daughter smoking weed would think that she would not bear any repercussions for her actions.