After joining forces to produce a film and documentary series about Trayvon Martin, Harvey Weinstein spoke about the nature of his relationship with Jay Z. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Weinstein cites New York city as the first of many common denominators linking the two moguls. Along with a shared geography, Weinstein also big ups Jay's literary game. 

"People look at Jay Z and they don't say, "That's a well-read guy," and people look at me and think the same thing, but we're both extremely well-read," says Harvey. "That's the surprise of the whole thing, and it's what makes it work. He's one of the most brilliant men I know."

The iconic movie mogul also dishes on their upcoming Trayvon film, recounting how he and Hov emerged victorious in the bidding war. After meeting with Trayvon's parents, Harv recounts how Jay Z ultimately sealed the deal. 

"Jay Z looked at the parents and said: "I'm responsible if this is no good. I will do whatever it takes because they're gonna hold me up on this. I'm not gonna let you down, and I'm not gonna let me down." End of conversation."

The Weinstein Company-backed Trayvon project has no official release date.