Mozzy has been one of the hardest working rappers over the past few years. Releasing numerous albums over the course of the year, his hustle is truly unmatched and there's no doubt that he treats himself for the labor he puts in. As any rapper does, he takes to social media to flex a little bit, though his flexes might be someone else's motivation.

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Such is the case when the rapper spotted a kid who was in disbelief over the choice of vehicle. "Is it actually a Lamborghini?" asked the child in awe. Mozzy, excited to see the young man with big aspirations, invited him to take a seat at the wheel. "Hell yeah! Jump in that mothafucka," replied Mozzy."Nah, jump in it. It's good. You said it's your dream car? The smartest people make the most money," the West Coast rapper added while handing the child $200. "What you gon' be when you grow up?"

The child revealed that he's an aspiring YouTuber by the name of Mikey before Mozzy humbly introduced himself. "I be rapping n' shit," said Mozzy. Mikey was ultimately in awe that he came across Mozzy in a parking lot but the rapper was more excited to see the next generation thinking big. "Now you the fella. I'm trying to tap in with you," he added.

Perhaps, we'll end up seeing some sort of collaborative effort in the future. Maybe we'll even catch young Mikey in an upcoming music video. 

Check out the clip below.