Although rappers love to discuss politics in their music, the same cannot usually be said for politicians speaking about rappers. Aside from Bernie Sanders' public approval of Killer Mike, politicians have steered clear of any hip-hop references for the most part. When discussing society at large, rappers can often be seen as poets who have a way with words and, while it may not be recognized fully on a worldwide scale, MSNBC host Ari Melber has recently been making hilarious analogies between political happenings and hip-hop lyrics. While his platform may not be the most viewed among hip-hop fans, his inclusion of a Young Thug lyric when discussing the possible collusion between Donald Trump and the Russian government is a must-watch.

Longtime Thugger collaborator, engineer Alex Tumay, shared a video of Melber speaking on Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen and the possibility of his criminal affiliation with Russia. During the television program, the journalist used a Young Thug analogy that while Cohen may not have been directly linked to any criminal activity, it does not mean he wasn't involved in some form. Melber used Thug's "Anybody" lyrics to justify his claim, saying, "If I may, with your blessing, no greater legal authority than Young Thug has said, 'I didn't kill anybody but I had something to do with that body.' There are ways you can be wrapped up in a criminal enterprise without being the person pulling the trigger."

While any other rap reference may have seemed out of place, Thugger's lyrics actually back up his claims and help him in the debate. Check out the video below.