Since her debut single in 2019, "Bitch From Da Souf" Mulatto has been on all of our radars — now more than ever. Earlier this year, after being signed to RCA Records, Mulatto gave fans her first album, Queen of da Soufand her success has been snowballing for her ever since — her Tiny Desk performance is a testament to that.

While the Ohio-born rapper's professional accomplishments have been on the rise all year, she has faced some major backlash for some of her remarks — her name alone is enough to spark controversy. After tweeting: "I am black dumb ass bitch. Who gone 'hush' me???," she has been on thin ice. The retaliation from that comment stems from an older comment she made in an interview, declaring that she doesn't identify as white or black, but mulatto, as her stage name suggests. Fans fired back, accusing her of colorism, and only identifying as black when it's convenient for her.

Earlier this week, she was put in the hot seat once again after being accused of stealing wigs two years ago. "2yrs later Im getting 10k a post &STILL woulda tagged/reimbursed u if u approached me different last hairstylist stole all my wigs when we parted ways &Im still resolving issues today bcus of it..waiting 2yrs for me to 'blowup' sounds opportunistic its giving clout chaser," she fired back at the allegations on Twitter.

"What y’all fail to realize is I have no problem buying a whole different wig on my own and tagging that girl as if it was hers but u not gone talk to me crazy without knowing the facts first & still expect to get what u wanted.. 2YRS LATER," she wrote in a subsequent tweet.

Fortunately, it looks like all that drama is in her rearview mirror as she continues to focus on her music, and delivering top tier performances. Watch the full concert below.