Are we on the verge of welcoming another high-profile rap couple into the world? For months, the sexual tension between Mulatto and Key Glock has been sending social media sleuths into a tizzy as they try and figure out whether the two rap stars are hooking up. They've re-posted each other's lyrics, commented on one another's posts, and dropped more than enough hints that they could be together, and now fans are wondering whether they've taken the next step and are ready to declare themselves a couple.

Mulatto took to Twitter on Monday night to gush about her man, writing, "It ain’t a n***a alive that can take me from my mannnn". In her music, Latto doesn't come across as the type of woman that wants to get locked down right now. However, maybe Key Glock (or another man) changed that in her. 

People have been responding to the tweet with their ideas about who Mulatto is currently seeing. Considering her back-and-forth flirtatiousness with Key Glock goes back to before October, the Memphis stepper has been a popular guess. 21 Savage is another name that has come up, seemingly fueled by them supposedly being on vacation together a few weeks ago.

Could Big Latto finally be readying herself for a serious relationship? And do you think she's been hanging out with Key Glock, 21 Savage, or somebody else? Let us know in the comments.