Fresh off of her lavish birthday celebration to ring in her 22nd year on earth, Mulatto is out among the crowds encouraging them to rock their votes. The Queen of Da Souf rapper has been sharing portions of her celebratory event with social media after she posted that she'd received diamonds, Birkins, and a Corvette for her big day. Last night (December 17), Mulatto hosted a Great Gatsby-themed, 1920s formal birthday party where she stole the show in a jewel-studded gown, and 24 hours later, the rapper surprised Georgia voters with an impromptu concert.

TMZ was able to grab a clip from Mulatto's mobile performance that she gave while on a makeshift stage on the back of a truck. People are seen filming the scene with their cellphones as the "Muwop" rapper brought her "Joy to the Polls" pop-up energy. The Senatorial election could shift the tides in Georgia—an avidly Red state that turned Blue during the Presidential election last month.

"It feels good [to use my voice]. Being young, I feel like I have a heavy impact on the youth so like, they look for me to lead the way at times like this," said Mulatto. She added that it's important for her to use the platform to encourage positivity and change, so watch Mulatto's mobile concert and check out clips from her birthday bash below.