It seems like cars are the gifts celebrities are choosing to give away on Christmas this year. First, we reported on DaBaby ringing his 29th birthday with a Mercedes Maybach. The luxury truck was a worthy reward considering the hard work underlying the rapper's 28th year on earth. Moreover, Saweetie and Quavo followed with the Migos-affiliate gifting himself with a customized Telsa as well as rewarding his Icy Girl with a personalized Bentley. And now Mulatto joins the list of rappers to give away cars for Christmas. Indeed, Big Latto recently demonstrated the ultimate act of love and generosity by gifting her mother and baby sister with brand new cars.

The moment was captured on video and shared by TheShadeRoom. Herein, we can see both luxury cars which include an all-white range rover. Mulatto's family appears extremely excited, especially her little sister. Evidently, the rapper's hard work has paid off this year. Not long ago, Latto spoke on the growth she experienced in the past year and even discussed the possibility of changing her name. "To me, you get to a point where [the name] is not worth it anymore," said Mulatto. "I don't know. Your intention is kind of being misinterpreted. So it's like you've got to self reflect and go back to the drawing board. I don't know my final decision yet, but I'm definitely at the drawing board right now for sure." As such, it is fair to assume it was a great year for Mulatto, one in which she experienced changes in her financials, but also her mental.