YK Osiris is back in the news and, as usual, it's unfortunately not for his music. The "Worth It" artist has been attracting headlines for the last few months because of his social media antics. It all ramped up when he started his backyard boxing matches, and then it took another spin when he made those comments about Drake and Lil Wayne on Clubhouse. Then, he claimed to have traded in his Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce for a Hyundai before trending again for a questionable outfit, which many claimed was fake.

Meek Mill, 21 Savage, Mustard, and other forces in hip-hop called out the young king for seemingly wearing fake Gucci, trolling Osiris by commenting on his video that the luxury designer does not make the jacket he was sporting. When the comments became too much to handle, Osiris actually showed off the authentic tags on his jacket, claiming that it was customized by another designer. Still, Mustard is at his neck about the 'fit, coming through with another video response.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

As he recovers from COVID-19, Mustard told YK Osiris that his comments weren't about the jacket-- they were about his outfit as a whole.

"Look man, it wasn't about the jacket, it was about the outfit. It was a bad outfit, man," said the producer. "I don't know why we're making this a big thing. It was a joke, it's just a joke. I'm joking, just like if my little brother walked out the house with that sh*t on, I'd be like, 'bro, that outfit is horrible, take that off.'"

Mustard said that he could touch on other topics, but he'll refrain because "that's not what this is about". "Right now, this is about the people in the comments," he said. "Y'all know what time it is. I'm in quarantine. As you can see I'm doing much better from Covid. And I got a lot of time on my hands 'cause I have nobody here."

Do you think people are being too harsh on YK Osiris?