Regardless of the criticisms on the current state of R&B, there are many talented artists in the game right now. While it is true that there is something about R&B of the 1990s that just hits differently, that doesn't mean that the rising singers in today's culture aren't staking their claim int the genre. R&B princess Mya recently caught up with DJ Ace to discuss R&B culture and shared who she's listening to today.

Mya, Verzuz, R&B, DJ Ace
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer Images

"Well, '90s R&B was all about expression and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Men and women or women were not afraid to do either," Mya said. "So, everything was a little softer then. Mor vulnerable, I would like to say. More emotional or emotionally attached and expressive. Today, there is a different type of culture, and there is still lots of R&B prominent. It's less to get promoted or placed on mainstream radio. It’s a lot more expensive to make versus just a track and it's considered more Adult Contemporary."

"The '90s R&B is so special because of the percussion that always slapped, but also those chord changes that, once again, touch your soul. You may not be able to articulate the way it makes you feel but it makes you feel something," she added, before sharing a few artists she has on rotation. "Nicole Bus, she’s amazing. Tori Kelly, an amazing voice. Ari Lennox. Lucky Daye, who I actually worked with. H.E.R., Tone Stith, Summer Walker—a lot of them are musicians and it shows up in their vocal appeal or inflections and delivery. I love it."

She later spoke about how much she enjoys watching the Verzuz battles because it's more of a celebration than a competition. She didn't say exactly who she thinks she could go up against, but she's "open" to having a Verzuz battle of her own. Who could match Mya?