Mystikal was summoned back to the Shreveport court handling his rape and kidnapping case, after a short recess for the holidays. Mystikal, née Micheal Tyler, was joined by his new lawyer Joel Pearce for yet another pre-trial hearing, Tuesday morning, this time in a winning effort. Pearce was successful in persuading the judge to include two key witnesses of his choosing, for the cross-examination part of the schedule.

A second hearing taking place on March 6th will decide whether or not the prosecution can use social media records in its offensive. Pearce spoke to the media for the first time as Mystikal lead attorney, after the session was adjourned, Tuesday morning. 

"I don’t think that anyone should be made to stand trial for number one, something they did not do," Pearce told the press. "And number two, something that’s caught up in this political movement, the #metoo movement. Michael is not guilty of anything."

Pearce's client Mystikal plead "not guilty" to charged levied against him concerning an alleged sexual assault at a Shreveport casino. The rapper is been held in at Caddo Parish Correctional Center since turning himself in, more than 16 months ago. After the March 6th hearing comes to pass - the final decisions rendered, as to the procedural order, the actual trial will begin May 20th, 2019, barring any hiccups. Mystikal will reside in the Correctional Facility unless his bond is secured at a premium of $3 million.