They were once a hot item back in 2018, but the romance between rapper Skepta and supermodel icon Naomi Campbell fizzled out. The pair never came forward to confirm that they were, indeed, a couple, but all signs pointed to the pair being romantically linked. Fans were calling for Skepta and Noami Campbell to go the distance, but like many celebrity pairings, things didn't last.

Naomi Campbell, Skepta
Dia Dipasupil / Staff / Getty Images

In a recent interview, Naomi was asked about her lively dating life which has included boyfriends like Robert De Niro, Mke Tyson, and Adam Clayton from the band U2. "Whatever they say about me, I have remained friends with all my exes . . . except the last one." Who that "last one" was, she didn't say, but when pegged with a question about Skepta she reportedly replied, "A lady never discusses the details of her private life."

It didn't take long for people to assume that she was throwing a bit of shade at the British rapper, so Naomi Campbell shut down the naysayers by posting a photo of herself with Skepta along with another sexy black and white shot. "STOP 🛑 All love between Us @skeptagram 🖤," the supermodel wrote in the caption. Recently, there were rumors that Skepta and Adele were reportedly an item. Are you still friends with all your exes? Check out Naomi and Skepta below.