With the first day of Spring upon us, it would seem as good a time as any for a miracle. In case you don't know, the frequently embattled ex-couple Nas and Kelis have been warring over child support for a minute now; as far as celebrity splits go, this one has been fraught with legal drama. It's unfortunate, especially given the genuine sentimentality Nas exhibited in Life Is Good closer "Bye Baby," but child support feuds can be a merciless affair. For now, at least, both Nas and Kelis were able to temporarily put aside their differences for the good of their eight year old son, Knight. According to TMZ, the exes have reportedly reached a settlement allowing joint custody.

The publication claims that Nas and Kelis will be sharing both legal and physical custody of Knight. The holidays have already been predetermined, with the example of Nas getting Father's Day and Kelis getting Mother's Day being given. The duo will also alternate birthdays, with Nas getting the even years and Kelis getting the odd ones. It's good to know that the artists were able to make this happen, and hopefully the same cooperation can continue when it comes time to revisit child support arrangements.

As of now, Nas has been contributing eight thousand a month toward the cause. Since Nas has also been securing the bag of late, Kelis feels he can afford to fork over a few extra ducats. The saga has yet to reach a conclusion.