When people discuss notable hip-hop entrepreneurs, it's not often that Nas' name comes up in the early stages of the conversation. Yet in reality, he probably should, considering the fact that he remains one of the rap game's shrewdest investors. Case in point, his Queensbridge Venture Partners company has made notable investments in Dropbox, Ring, Parachute, SeatGeek, General Assembly, Robinhood, Casper, Pillpack, and Pluto TV among others -- many of which have paid out quite favorably for the legendary lyricist.


Scott Legato/Getty Images

Yesterday night, Nas' manager Anthony Saleh, otherwise known by his Instagram handle Dudebro, took a moment to highlight the impressive nature of his partner's investment portfolio. "Nas would beat any artist in a tech investment portfolio Verzuz," he wrote, a message that went on to catch Nas' attention. "I agree," added the Queensbridge lyricist, who seems to recognize exactly how dominant he is in this particular field of business. 

Though many were rightfully impressed by Nas' flex, others used the opportunity of seeing his name and Verzuz in the same sentence to fantasize about their own potential musical match-ups. Naturally, Nas has been a frequently-requested contender in Tim and Swizzy's friendly competition, though only a select number of artists would stand a remote chance of keeping stride. Basically, Nas excels whether the hypothetical Verzuz battle criteria centers on music or investment portfolio -- if that's not the making of a true GOAT contender, what is?