Nas and Kelis are back at it in court again over claims that Kelis violated their custody agreement. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Kelis is striving to become a farmer in Colombia and want to bring their son along with her. However, Nas told the court that she's in contempt for violating their custody agreement.

Brad Barket /Getty Images

Nas is taking issue with Kelis over the fact that she's trying to move their son to Colombia which he said is a violation of their custody agreement. Kelis reportedly took their 9-year-old son Knight to Cartagena, Colombia last month. However, Nas said that Knight was supposed to spend New Year's Eve with him, per their agreement, but Kelis texted him saying that won't be case as they were still in Colombia. He said that she didn't return to America until Jan. 14.

Nas also claimed that Kelis told him that she and her husband have a farm in Colombia where they plan on staying. Additionally, Nas claims that she's homeschooling Knight in Colombia after pulling him out of private school in Los Angeles. 

The Illmatic rapper already said that he's had difficulties co-parenting with Kelis, but the plan to move to Colombia is a massive violation of their agreement, especially since she didn't give the required notice about her travel plans.

Nas also claimed that he didn't get Knight on Father's Day in 2018, as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving. Per their agreement, Knight is supposed to spend those holidays with his father on even-numbered years.